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Construction timber

Environmentally-friendly, durable, naturally.

While modern technology allows the use of the most diverse construction materials, wood because of its natural features are still a popular building material. It is used for both static decoration and its structure. In order to create an attractive exterior to ensure the comfort of the inside, you need to choose the right timber.

Construction timber – this timber, made of pine and spruce. Softwood is easily processed because it is soft, light and flexible, and do not shrink when dry. Construction of wood used in houses and other wooden structures in construction. This type of wood can be sold undressed (impregnated, non-glued, heat treatment) or treated – depending on what the customer wants. Timber to form not only the board but also beams, rafters (roof bearing structures), lumber (hew logs) and more.

The main timber properties – its quality, durability and stability. High-quality wood shrinkage, does not deform even after many years. Wood longevity indicates its resistance to mildew, rot, mildew, over time, constant color. Stable timber includes such properties as hardness, high density – then it can withstand large loads and for even the most complex structures.

Pine wood has another good quality – they contain natural essential oils. For this reason, the half-life of buildings with a pleasant aroma. The timber is made of spruce, it is strong and does not break, making it suitable for the most important parts of the house (eg, roof) to construct.

The highest quality timber, the standard output – it’s UAB Torgera distinguishing marks!

Our products – is calibrated timber, boards, terrace boards, wooden stairs and outdoor furniture. Want to know more? Contact us!