Outside furniture

We can produce various size and complexity of the wooden furniture from two-table, to which can have a romantic drink your morning coffee, to the banquet table to several tens of people. Tables and chairs are made of wood, and to consolidate them or papuošiame parts made of metal. Outdoor furniture can be supplied or sold separately – you can order a single chair, a little table or bench.

Whether you live in a private home – during the warm season, you really like to enjoy a breath of fresh air while sitting on the balcony, terrace or veranda. In this case, useful outdoor furniture – tables and chairs or benches. Because of its natural characteristics – durability, strength, convenience and environmental friendliness – one of the most favorite outdoor furniture materials is wood. Without veranda or terrace, your yard can install and wooden garden furniture.

Wooden outdoor furniture long life, they can be specially treated (impregnated made of laminated wood) or natural. Most often they are made of solid wood – oak or ash, and can be used for this purpose softwood (spruce, pine), teak or birch wood. Furniture production is used not only solid wood but also its branches, the trunk, the stumps. For wood resistance to the environment, outdoor furniture does not need to hide under the roof, even in winter.

Terrace, veranda or balcony furniture is especially suitable for ash wood. From this tree to produce outdoor furniture is solid, resistant to moisture, temperature changes, other environmental factors. The ash produced furniture is lighter than oak, so the house will not provide gloom successor thereof.

Garden furniture is more suitable for oak. Its wood is heavy, strong, and resists deformation. In addition, the oak furniture is resistant to decay. Furniture made from this tree is a dark, rich color, perfectly blending with the outdoor environment.

Our customers would be useful to know about the annual maintenance of street furniture. Despite the fact that wooden furniture is resistant to the effects of nature, every spring they should update: rinse with hose or watering can, a good clean wood furniture specially dedicated cleaner disturbed replace faulty parts, if any, appeared. When buying wooden furniture, note of what they are made of wood – furniture made of softwood, must be looked after other than oak.

Damaged wood furniture places should be impregnated if required – repainted, but it really should not do every year. Most outdoor furniture painting Paints based – linseed oil, and dispersion paints. It is recommended to choose specially for wood, paint color – colorless paint furniture will not protect against the harmful effects of the sun.

Furniture made of wood, it must be particularly protected from wiping with alcohol or other liquids. Therefore, the table should be covered with a cloth, always have at hand wipes or cloths. If the furniture did occur stain, cleaners do not clean them with a basis of acetone. Follow these instructions, wooden outdoor furniture will enjoy long.