Stairs can be different types of wood and other materials. Stairs may be produced by combining two or more materials, – depending on customers’ needs. We offer the wooden steps provide home comfort, and a staircase made of other materials, like the interior of a modern-generating customers. Stair panels can be made of tempered glass, metal, stone or granite. Our company can offer a variety of stair design techniques: curved metal pipes, translucent glass walls, tensioned steel cables, struts and others.

Stairs is not just a way to get from one floor to another. They – the important interior and exterior detail that can visually change the space of the building, to give it more comfort, or vice versa – rigor. The tree – a popular stair production of the raw materials used. Wood to the producing master gives a lot of flexibility, because it is processed more easily than other building materials. So, every customer can order the original, namely the home interior or exterior stairs adapted. In addition, the wood is strong, durable and environmentally friendly material.

Wooden stairs can be installed not only in private facilities (residential houses or flats, cottages), but also in offices, medical and educational institutions, shopping centers, cafes or restaurants, hotels and other public buildings.

Apartment, a house or other building stairs must be carried out not only an aesthetic function, but also be strong, comfortable, safe and long lifetimes. These stair properties depend not only on the choice of raw materials, but also on the stair manufacturer professional, properly prepared and conducted by the stairs of the construction project, finally – well performed installation. For this reason, it is important to choose a reliable stairs production and spare no money for this part of the building – after all, since they are part of your family, or customer and employee safety.

Wooden stairs construction consists of two parts: a timber and steps. The beams may be attached to or fused with a cascade of steps ends. Stairs to be open (with spaces after the steps), or closed, with or without handrails. Mostly wooden stair parts are made of oak, ash and birch wood. Timber can be not only a stair step, but even the handrails or support structure.

Stair manufacturing comprises two or three steps (depending on whether the necessary stair railings). First produced in the ladder frame. He already plays a central role – it is possible to walk from one building to another floor. Then comes the second stage – the stage of installation. Finally, there are built and equipped with handrails.

Wooden stairs price depends on several aspects. In particular, if the customer chooses stair treads solid wood or laminated. As difficult to find solid wood, which is free of knots and other visible defects, this option is more expensive. It also affects the price of the selected type of wood required quantity of raw materials, additional substances and species.