Terrace boards

Terasinės lentosTerrace – not only for home decoration but also a lot of fun family or neighbors gathering place. Dreaming of their own house first, and often imagines as sip your morning coffee on the terrace. Terrace can “extend” a useful area of the house: it can feel like a field in the extra room.

The most common terrace is not glazed, because sitting there want to enjoy the natural sounds of nature, smells and views. However, an open terrace and has one drawback – it is not immune to natural weather conditions and their effects. For this reason it is important to focus on both the quality of purchased decking and their care is already positioning the terrace.

Comfort to the house terraces provide natural building materials, especially wood. It is suitable for both the terraces and the surrounding timber fence. Terrace boards made from coniferous wood. Especially suitable for such boards larch, but can also be used fir or pine wood.

JSC Torgera offers high quality larch, spruce and pine wood decking planks. For more information and prices please call: +370 626 64926


ProfileTimber speciesThickness (mm)width (mm)
RPB terasinės lantosRPBLarch28120/145
RPR terasos lentosRPRLarch28145

Sibiro maumedis Larch is attractive in that its wood is strong, durable and stable, and suitable for wet Lithuanian climate. The larch is different from the plain of European – it grows in harsh conditions, so it is more durable. Larch wood is a natural resin. They protect the decking boards from rotting. In addition, the board made of larch creates the impression of naturalness. Larch terrace boards, unlike the other made of softwood, usually not covered with oil. However, it does not cover the boards, due to the atmospheric conditions over time can change their color.

Pine terrace boards are impregnated. Pine cell characteristics allows impregnating material absorbs very deep, so the boards is not only protected against moisture, but also fungal sun and insecticidal effects. Impregnated boards terrace most suitable in the case of wooden deck in contact with the ground or water. Properly impregnated should not be limited to the terrace boards, but other wooden details: lumber and lags. It is important that the impregnated wood is not harmful to people or animals, or around the patio for growing trees or flowers. The most commonly offered by impregnating colors are green or brown.

Both of larch and other conifer wood terrace boards are made of two types: smooth or ribbed surface. Corrugated board surface serves especially improving water runoff from the terrace.