Painted siding

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Siding – one of the most versatile ways for interior decoration and exterior façade. They may be made of a wide range of wood of different thickness or profile. Wood plank buyers are attracted by its naturalness and durability, and their ability to paint almost any color gives freedom even for šiuolaikiškiausiems interior and exterior solutions. Stained siding lasts longer, but also takes on a new look. What is important to know about the painting plates?

Why painted wooden boards?

Dažytos dailylentėsDue to its natural properties of wood panels has not only advantages but also disadvantages. One of them – the need for such boards to regularly update and maintain them resistant to various pests and changing weather conditions.

It is no secret that even the best-maintained buildings on the planks every day accumulate dust settles from the field bringing dirt. In addition, they operate – discolor – and direct sunlight. Original painting plates will retain their color better than washing with water jet pressure.

Planks painting peculiarities

The panel is made in such a way that on the surface and prevent the accumulation of rain water to drain. Exactly the same thing happens to the paint, if paint has nailed boards and we do not correct consistency of paint. For this reason, the boards should be applied in several thin layers of paint, although this is not a cheap pleasure. The first coat of paint useful to apply before nailing plates – boards completely covered with paint. Therefore, the subsequent veikiat boards atmospheric effects become accentuated untopcoated space.

Siding should be painted in the shade, in the early morning or late evening, the dyeing time they shall not be in direct sunlight. It is worth knowing that the boards can be painted by hand or industrially. The latter application method advantages – speed and boards brand of paint coating layer.