Wooden and plastic paneling differences

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The two main planks materials in Lithuania

Both the house indoor and outdoor decoration can be decorated in various ways. One of the ways to do this – to decorate the cladding. Lithuania this purpose usually use plastic or wooden planks.

Wooden planks usually cut from softwood: larch, spruce or pine. Especially appreciated in the North growing timber trees. Plastic siding abbreviated to PVC cladding, because it is made from a material called polyvinyl chloride.

Wood – who like naturalness

Dailylentės iš medžioWooden planks Lithuania popular for three main reasons: their naturalness, durability and aesthetics. The natural properties of wood due to the fact that it almost does not accumulate radioactive materials. Wood “breathes”, which is not true of the other materials produced boards. In addition, some of the trees (such as pine) manufactured siding emits a pleasant odor.

Properly treated wood siding does not change their basic properties, for example, do not change their shape. Meanwhile, plastic siding, exposed to heat, easily deformed. Direct sunlight can affect the color and plastic: it becomes yellowish. Therefore, they upholster the facade outer side is risky. Wooden fronts will enjoy much more than a mallet plastic tables.

In its natural colors and pleasant to the touch surface of the wooden planks are better than plastic. Plastic boards are not as attractive to the eye as wooden. Plastic is difficult to reconcile with the other elements of the facade, it can lead to a sense of artificiality. While some manufacturers try to simulate the timber creating it visually resembles plastic, this compares to the real beauty of the tree.

Physical properties of plastic plates

Plastic is unnatural material. In the environment it produces a lot of harmful substances. Engraved under the cladding of the building interior, more sensitive people may begin to torment headache, allergic reactions, respiratory tract disease.

Plastic boards are susceptible to heat, highly flammable. It is also bad for them and the cold – it can suskylinėti plastic. Plastic boards accumulate electrostatic charge, so are attracted to a variety of dirt, dust aplimpa. In its easily covered with crusty, apsitaško mud. For this reason, plastic-carved facade lies outside washable and internal facade boards – often to clean.